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Radio communications specialist Bandercom is our long-standing client. Bandercom provides wireless communication solutions for construction sites, slope safety, emergency services’ Virve radio network and aviation and transportation communications.

We have helped Bandercom to develop specialist communications with a range of printed products from invitation cards to user guides and technical drawings. We also designed a movable shop-in-shop unit for Bandercom to support product marketing.







Printed materials
Event design
Product cards

mies piirtaa geometrisia kuvioita

Service concept branding

For the professional print materials, we paid particular attention to a clear layout and easy readability of technical information. The brochures we designed echo Bandercom’s brand image and black and white colour scheme. The multi-purpose product cards are suitable for collection presentations and product sales, while the printed cards can also be used on plexiglass table stands.

bandercom tuotekortit


We designed a movable shop-in-shop for Bandercom that is easy to transport and assemble for shopping centers, trade fairs and other events. Inspired by the Bandercom logo, the pop-up shop-in-shop is a versatile showroom for marketing products and services. The mobile shop was built by Salkapuu.

bandercom shop-in-shop
bandercom shop-in-shop

Printed products for customer communication

We have produced a range of printed materials that present Bandercom’s product range and services to a variety of stakeholders. Business cards with QR codes speed up communication, and marketing materials suitable for product presentations can be used as tri-fold brochures or cardboard triangle displays.

bandercom käyntikortit
bandercom esite
bandercom esite
bandercom mainoskolmiot

Event design

Bandercom celebrated 25th company anniversary in the Wild West in style. We designed a themed event look for the celebration, including everything from invitations to a photo wall. The graphic look of the party was based on the traditional paisley pattern of the bandana scarf. The pattern was given a new twist with the inclusion of embedded walkie-talkies and other radio communication symbols. The Bandercom logo was also rewritten in a western-inspired calligraphy style.

For a memorable celebration, we created a tablecloth and napkin print, wall hanging, drink menu, signage and handout, and a photo wall for guest photography. Each guest received a bandana scarf as a memento of the party, which many already wore while celebrating.

As a token of appreciation, Bandercom wished to distribute a special commemorative gift to its long-standing partners. We designed a commemorative coin which was pressed in silver colour.

After all, a party is nothing without a surprise performer – in this case Bandercom’s CEO Pete Peltola himself. A cover design for streaming services was created for the debut rapper, who performed under the name Toimari. Ampersand did the photography and photo editing of the cover, the design of the Toimari logo and, later, the Toimari website.

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