Event visual identity design

Bandercom celebrated its 25th anniversary in Wild West style. We created a western-style event for their party. The party site was an old factory building in the center of Lahti, which created a barren, but functional milieu that was livened up by hay bales.

Creating a visual identity for an event is more intense and personal than traditional marketing techniques. A successful event strengthens the image of the company and its operations. Creating the visual identity began with the traditional bandana scarf based on the Paisley pattern. The patterning got a new twist from the embedded walkie-talkies and other radio-related symbols. At the same time, the Bandercom logo was redesigned with a Western-inspired calligraphy style.

A good party is always remembered and a strong visual identity strengthens the memory. For these celebrations, we designed everything from invitations to large prints:

  • Visuals for the online invitation
  • Menu and program design
  • Drink menu design
  • Placing cards
  • Table cloths and napkins
  • Printed panels
  • Guide signs
  • Bandanas
  • Photo Wall
  • Commemorative coin

We created the visual identity with tablecloth and napkin prints, wall panels, a drink menus, guide signs and printed programs, and added a photo wall for guests’ event photography. Each guest received a bandana scarf to commemorate the celebration, which many people used already at a party.

As a tribute, Bandercom wanted to distribute a collector coin designed specifically for the event to its long-term partners. We designed a coin design and it was printed in silver.

The party is nothing without a surprise performer – this was delivered by Bandercom’s CEO Pete Peltola. He performed his first appearance as a rap artist under the Toimari, and we creating a single cover for streaming services. Ampersand did the cover photography and photo editing as well as logo design for Toimari.

Event Photographs by Studio Välke, Product Photos by Ampersand.