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The collaboration between Noblessa and Ampersand began in 2014, when kitchens from the German company nobilia-Werke J. Stickling GmbH & Co first started to be sold in Finland under the Noblessa brand.

Since then, Noblessa kitchens have strengthened their position among Finnish consumers and have already opened 35 stores in Finland. At the same time, the Noblessa collection has expanded from kitchens to furniture and storage solutions for the whole home and interior design concepts.







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Marketing partner and developer

A strategic partnership with advertising agency Ampersand has built an attractive brand for Noblessa, where a coherent visual identity, stylish marketing materials and repeated commercial messages create a powerful and effective package. Raising brand awareness has required determined marketing and long-term brand strategy planning. We have compiled some of these guidelines into the Noblessa brand book.

noblessa väripaletti
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noblessa brändikirja
noblessa brändikirja
noblessa brändikirja

Product information and inspiration from catalogues

Every year, we produce collection-specific catalogues for Noblessa as a complete service. Showcasing the range of kitchens, bathrooms, other rooms in the home and appliances, the catalogues are an important sales support for Noblessa’s retailers and kitchen designers. In addition to the printed versions, the catalogues are also published as interactive online catalogues on the Noblessa website.

In addition to designing the layout and visual appearance, we adapt the original materials from Germany to Finnish taste and translate the texts from English into Finnish. The catalogues are not just product catalogues, but provide a current overview of kitchen trends and Noblessa’s proven quality.

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noblessa keittiökuvasto
noblessa kodinkonekuvasto

Real customer encounters on social media

We are constantly developing Noblessa’s website and social media channels into more versatile platforms. On the website, we showcase Noblessa’s extensive collections and new products, create campaign-specific sub-pages and innovate to improve the user experience. Most recently, we designed a new collection search engine for the website.

On the social media channels, we emphasise community and everyday tips. Noblessa has an active following, especially on Instagram, and our clients are happy to share their own experiences and home renovation pictures. A satisfied customer is the best proof of successful branding!

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noblessa sosiaalinen media

Versatile marketing materials

There are so many highlights in Noblessa’s extensive collection that they can’t all fit in the brochures for the new collection. That’s why we supplement our annual catalogues with topical marketing materials throughout the year. Instead of sales pitches, we tell the story of why our customers trust Noblessa. We also highlight Noblessa’s quality certifications and sustainability themes. Together, these flyers, campaign brochures, ads, banners and special publications show why Noblessa already has thousands of satisfied customers in Finland.

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Memorable marketing communications

Our marketing communications for Noblessa cover everything from writing a single social media post to press releases. We create brand-building campaign messages, slogans, brochures, ad copy and news for all channels. We use storytelling to showcase customer benefits and are also involved in content marketing and blogging. In the Kitchen Stories section of the website, we showcase our clients’ Noblessa kitchens and experiences.

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In-store marketing materials

Noblessa’s rapid growth into a chain of dozens of stores requires a consistent visual identity from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. In cooperation with the stores, we design local media coverage and in-store materials.

Our marketing materials cover everything from local newspaper advertising to in-store display materials and banner campaigns. In addition to signs, signage, posters and window stickers, we also design materials such as car stickers, trade fair materials and outdoor advertising.

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