Social media presence

In addition to designing and creating brochures and promotional materials, we make content and run digital campaigns for Noblessa’s social media channels. We compose most of the text and image content for Noblessa’s Facebook and Instagram accounts in Finland. In 2018, we launched an electronic Christmas calendar and competitions that emphasize community.

Media presence

We have produced local and nationwide media coverage for Noblessa, which includes press releases, local newspaper advertising for stores, and nationwide magazine and newspaper advertising. In addition, we have been involved in designing and implementing Noblessa’s nationwide television advertising. We have translated and subtitled Noblessa’s international videos, including a factory showcase video and a product promotional video.

Store design

As the new Noblessa store opens, we take care of advance advertising with magazine announcements, invitation card design and store design. We make in-store branded window decals, outdoor advertising (A-standy) and vehicle taping. Store materials also include posters, price tags, gift cards and other promotional items.

Fair marketing materials / Exhibition Materials

Noblessa retailers participate in local fairs where we make marketing materials for them: roll-ups, posters, trade fair brochures and other handout materials. For the 2018 Habitare Trade Fair in Finland, we implemented the Mailchimp Newsletter, helping the merchant to invite their partners to the trade fair.

Web design

At the beginning of 2019, we redesigned the Noblessa website. The work included refreshing the overall look of the web pages, improving search engine visibility, and improving the user experience. The frontpage was designed to be full-width and the overall feeling was enhanced with videos and visuals. We also added a geo search tool and social media feeds to the page. Site navigation was transformed into mega navigation and a large footer was added to the bottom of the page – these features make it easier to visit and use the site.

The website redesign also included making the kitchen catalog interactive, including: moving pictures and text elements and call to action buttons for scheduling an appointment with Noblessa creative expert.

Print materials

We translated the original materials from Noblessa’s 2019 kitchen and home appliance catalogs from English into Finnish, produced new content, did layout for the catalogs and modified the visual appearance of the marketing materials to suit Finnish tastes. In addition, the back covers of the kitchen catalog were personalized for every store. We thus provided Noblessa with catalogs as a complete service from start to finish.