Launching a new service

Renkoled offers advertising space on an LED billboard in Renkomäki, Lahti. The launch of the new service required designing a logo, setting up a website and creating a graphic identity. Ampersand designed a strong visual identity for Renkoled that sums up the service at a glance.


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Logo design
Visual identity
Resource guide

Logo design

For the new service concept, we designed a logo for Renkoled that evokes the atmosphere of the old light poles. The logo combines a traditional font with a handwritten font in the style of a LED ribbon creating an effective ombination. The neon green colour has a good attention value, just like Renkoled’s roadside advertising.

Visual appearance

Renkoled’s visual identity is based on strong contrasts and an urban atmosphere. The combination of black and neon green, car taillights glowing in the night, constant movement and thousands of LEDs on the screen leave a visual impression that sticks in the mind.

The Viga font chosen for the headlines works particularly well on a variety of screens. Its personalised design and unique look are perfect for presenting a modern technology service.

LED billboard materials

In addition to the website, we designed an electronic booking calendar for Renkoled, through which customers can make preliminary reservations for LED billboard advertising spaces. The visual identity is also repeated in the material guide we compiled for Renkoled.

We partner with Renkoled in the advertising production for the roadside LED billboard. We design the advertising materials for the LED screen, taking into account the specific characteristics of billboard advertising.

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