Branding and design

Branding strengthens an existing corporate identity and image or creates the foundation of a company’s style from the ground up. The aim is to make a company stand out from its competitors and to create a consistent style that will make it recognizable. A well-built brand also serves as a strategic tool for management.

We create key messages for your company and recurring visual elements to convey these messages. You can use them to communicate internally or externally with your customers and stakeholders. A consistent style across all communications will increase your brand awareness and strengthen your brand image. Once your customers know what to get and expect from your business, you can focus on generating surprise elements and added value.

Brand strategy and workshops

Our brand design services cover building a brand from the ground up, or as a lighter project where we polish the visual identity and core messages of your existing brand.

Brand building starts with a well-planned brand strategy that supports your business goals. A Brand Sprint is a workshop-style meeting where we guide the key people in the company to think about the business, customer loyalty and vision from a brand perspective.

In Brand Sprint, we develop the brand and its desired identity through long-term planning. Design Sprint focuses purely on strengthening the visual identity, where we refine the company’s logo, typography, graphic elements, and other visual materials to match the desired brand image. The aim of both workshops is to identify the company’s unique strengths and communicate them to your audience in a visually striking and memorable way.

Logos, brand image and social media

With a well-built brand, you stand out from the competition and grab the attention of your customers. A brand image can include the design of the entire visual identity, in which case we provide graphic design services ranging from logo design to the choice of typography and color scheme, as well as the design of brochures and printed materials.

In addition to corporate identity, you can also commission us to liven up the visual appearance of your website, design campaigns and content for your social media platforms, and produce visual material for various channels, either in the form of photographs or digitally finished drawings.

Prints, brochures, and layouts

We produce various print products to support marketing and corporate communications. In addition to brochures and business cards, we also design gift cards, appointment cards, goal charts, flags, and posters. We also provide personalized wedding invitations, kids’ birthday party invitations, business event invitations and thank you cards.

Well-executed brochures reinforce the corporate image to customers and present a comprehensive product portfolio in a clear and informative way. In addition to printed product brochures, sales brochures, and extensive catalogs, we produce smaller e-flyers that are easy to distribute on your company’s website or as an attachment to your email.

Skillful layout brings the image and text to life. In layout, editorial material and visual elements are combined in a readable and visual format that arouses the recipient’s interest. The expertise of the layout designer is utilized in our product brochure layouts, visual style of restaurant menus, corporate marketing materials and magazine layouts.

Graphic design and illustrations

Graphic design tells your story through visual communication. We create an eye-catching overall look for your business or product. We refine creative ideas into stylish implementations, that engage current contacts as well as arouse the curiosity of new customers. Visual design sharpens the company’s core message, from logos to business cards, brochures, and website design. In addition to design, we also take care of call for tenders, picking out the right materials and printing.

Illustration adds a new level to texts and enhances the informative, entertaining, and visual aspect of the content. Illustrations support the story conveyed by the text or add an entirely new dimension to literary works. Illustrations can also be completely abstract, visual elements that, together with text, create visual rhythm and interesting layout.

Events and in-store marketing materials

We design distinctive event promotions, posters, flyers, menus, tablecloths, stickers, and advertising banners for large and small events. Our store design service includes the design of a wide range of materials for stores, from advertising signs to signage and taping.

We have also done smaller pop up and shop-in-shop projects as well as designing the layout of trade fair stands and booths. Our in-house calligraphy artist can create unique and completely one-off text implementations, from signs to murals.

Interior design for businesses and public spaces

Our design services include corporate interior design and office design. You can hire us for a one-off furniture or interior design project on an hourly or contract basis, or ask us for help with colour schemes, lighting design or material selection. We can also take care of tendering and ordering materials, if required.

2D or 3D modelling helps to visualize the space and is often sufficient to see the project through. Our interior designer will also produce realistic visualizations of the space if requested. Alternatively, we can also provide a hands-off approach to your project, taking care of the entire project from design to implementation.


We’ll save your precious moments in a visual format, whether it’s a portrait for appointment announcement or pet photography. We produce high quality pictures with professional equipment for family portraits, corporate staff photography, annual reports, sports photography, property photos, magazine images and product images for sales materials and announcements, print or online.

We go where we’re needed. Our services include event photography, portraits, and commercial photography, for the customer’s own use of for media. We take pictures in our own studio in Lahti, or bring a portable studio to your location, for example, for product photos. In addition to studio shoots, our photo production includes image post-production and photo manipulations.

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