Planning and writing texts are one of our communication services. Timely, fact-based and business-oriented text content engages your target audience and strengthens your company image.

Content production for different publishing channels and search engine optimization is not just an additional service for us but self-evident. We are aware of the demands of digital age, and we distil corporate key messages to fit social media channels or more traditional publications.

We also provide proofreading and grammar checks for finished materials. We take care of the spelling, commas and typos and stylize semi-finished text materials into professional and compelling messages that stand out from the crowd.

Price list:

Content creation 83 e/ h
Copywriting, editing and proofreading from 62 e/h

Only hours completed will be charged. Separate price estimates are made for all-day jobs or larger projects. Minimum Invoicing 1 hr. Rates are subject to statutory VAT of 24%.