Today, a business is invisible unless it has a high findability rate in search engines and social media. We ensure your strong online presence with catchy digital marketing campaigns and multi-channel social media communication. We create digital strategies, design content solutions for electronic media, build clear and easy-to-access websites, design e-commerce for your business, optimize websites and turn your product into a trendy mobile app.

All of our marketing solutions take into account the different characteristics of each publishing channel. In digital marketing we design, produce and update various online media such as blog posts, social media channels, e-newsletters and online customer magazines. Tracking marketing activity ensures that our campaigns have found their target audiences.

Price list:

• Coding services and SEO starting from 95 e/h
• Illustration and image production 83 e/h
• Content creation 83 e/h
• Copywriting, editing and proofreading starting from 62 e/h

Only hours completed will be charged. Separate price estimates are made for all-day jobs or larger projects. Minimum Invoicing 1 hr. Rates are subject to statutory VAT of 24%.