Ampersand’s team creates personalized content and marketing solutions that attract attention. Get to know our experts!

Samuel Pasanen mustalla taustalla

Samuel Pasanen


Ampersand’s CEO Samuel is driven by new challenges and networking opportunities. He is determined to finish all started projects in time, with no compromise on quality.

Marjo-Riitta Hautala mustalla taustalla

Marjo-Riitta Hautala

Art director

Senior designer and art director Marjo is an entrepreneurial graphic artist and our team’s unceasing ray of light, who is always ready to reach incredible results for the best of our clients.

Joonas Koponen mustalla taustalla

Joonas Koponen


Joonas is a graphic designer who expresses himself equally well with calligraphy pens, spray jugs or virtual mallets.

Sami Salmi

Sami Salmi

Web Dev

Web developer Sami designs, codes, and optimizes impressive websites for Ampersand’s customers. If the world’s problems could be solved with code, Sami would have done it already.

Hanna Piiparinen mustalla taustalla

Hanna Piiparinen


Copywriter Hanna is passionate about good Finnish and hates anglicisms. Who knew that being meticulous can be both work and pleasure?

Miitta Hietanen

Miitta Hietanen

Graphic designer

Graphic designer Miitta strengthens Ampersand’s layout and ad design skills. A recent degree in graphic design and experience in diverse client projects makes Miitta a graphic design hero for our various assignments.