Copywriter Hanna is passionate about good Finnish and hates anglicisms. Who knew that being meticulous can be both work and pleasure?

Hanna is Ampersand’s copywriter and over-analyst. Previous work history as a journalist and press officer has aroused Hanna’s eternal curiosity and interest in good stories, although all of her texts spring from thorough background research and facts. This Master of Social Sciences is most likely to be found in the library or doing postgraduate studies.

In her spare time, Hanna tries to save the world one grandmother at a time, working as a volunteer and drafting nonprofit communication strategies. As a devoted Spain fan, Hanna is always looking for the perfect combination of tapas and earthy red wines while listening to rhythmic hand clapping.

If you ask this ampersandian to climb a tree, she…
first writes a ten-page analysis of climbing a tree.

Hanna Piiparinen mustalla taustalla

Hanna Piiparinen