Joonas is a graphic designer who expresses himself equally well with calligraphy pens, spray cans or virtual weapons.

Joonas raises Ampersand’s team spirit and is spontaneously in charge of weird song choices in our open-plan office. The graphic designer’s strong visual know-how has been built through years of active practicing; including drawing, calligraphy, photography and graffiti. Networking to Finnish music scene and event production has also added its own flavor to Joonas’ art style.

The self-taught graphic artist wanted to enhance his skills with a degree apprenticeship. Today, Joonas is a versatile digital media expert, whose text logos and calligraphy works decorate numerous album covers and billboard ads. In his spare time Joonas takes care of his dog Joko, showcases his graphic art on Instagram and hones his gaming skills on online forums.

If you ask this ampersandian to climb a tree, he…
climbs at his own pace to the beats of Finnish rap music.

Joonas Koponen mustalla taustalla

Joonas Koponen



Ampersand’s spiritual director, head of security and furry boss Joko keeps up the team’s morale. Don’t even dream of having a break in the middle of the day, or else this brisk terrier follows you from your workstation to the bathroom door.

The office’s strict watchdog is also very suspicious towards anyone walking through the office door. Everyone will be greeted with a hollow growl, whether a friend or a random visitor.

To counter his hedonist nature, Joko is usually kept on a strict diet, so he should be pampered with belly rubs only. This social senior likes to sleep anywhere but his bed, as long as he can smell and see his owner Joonas.

If you tell this ampersandian to climb the tree, he…
raises his leg and marks the tree.

Koira Joko mustalla taustalla