Graphic designer Miitta strengthens Ampersand’s layout and ad design skills. A recent degree in graphic design and experience in diverse client projects makes Miitta a graphic design hero for our various assignments.

In her work, Miitta implements precise style and clean lines, and is enthusiastic about designing large-scale visual projects. There is also attitude and competitive spirit under Miitta’s razor sharp bangs. Finding creative solutions is a challenge that she will overcome, and won’t crack under pressure.

Rumor has it that Miitta has a very similar twin, so we are prepared for secret identities and double agents in the office. We usually talk to Miitta in secret language and tell her insider jokes to find out if a real person or version 2.0 is sitting in front of the computer.

Miitta, who describes herself as a calm person, enjoys nature and scenery in her free time. The creative worker is inspired by nature sites, each one more magnificent than the last, and one day wants to find the coolest landscape in Finland!

If you ask this ampersandian to climb a tree, she…
does what is told, and a bit more.

Miitta Hietanen mustalla taustalla

Miitta Hietanen