Web developer Sami designs, codes, and optimizes impressive web pages for Ampersand’s customers. If the world’s problems could be solved with code, Sami would have done it already.

Sami is the office’s cool-headed tech wizard, who reacts to code and roaring minds with the same calmness. You can imagine Sami telling a deep Zen-spirited wisdom to his team members at any given moment.

Sami’s stress level can’t be seen from the outside, not even by a moustache twitch. Yet his constant keyboard tapping creates all the code and web service solutions with great persistence and accuracy. No one in the office really understands all the mysteries that Sami can solve with code, but we trust him like a rock.

If you ask this ampersandian to climb a tree, he…
develops an application that gives access to the tree without climbing.

Sami Salmi mustalla taustalla

Sami Salmi