Prices for our design and content production services start at:

  • Layouts 89 e / h
  • Graphic design 83 e / h
  • Coding 95 e / h
  • Illustration and image production 83 e / h
  • Content production 83 e / h
  • Text works, grammar check and proofreading 62 e / h
  • Marketing services are priced separately on a project basis
  • Photography starting at 215 e / first hour (includes one hour of shooting and one hour of image processing), followed by 102 e / h of the following hours (including image crop, sharpening and color adjustment).
  • Web-hotel and website maintenance 60 e / month. (Website updates, backups, domain renewal)

Only hours completed will be charged. Separate price estimates are made for all-day jobs or larger projects. Minimum Invoicing 1 hr. Rates are subject to statutory VAT of 24%.

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