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The National Workshop Association in Finland is now called Into!

The National Workshop Association in Finland (Valtakunnallinen Työpajayhdistys TPY) chose Ampersand as its partner to rebrand the association. TPY, the umbrella organisation for youth work and national workshop activities, needed a unifying brand for its areas of activity and member organisations. The new brand was to support the association’s strategy and at the same time reflect the attitude and way of working of the organisation and its professionals.







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Brand workshop speeds up the renewal process

The brand building process started with a joint workshop to identify terms for values and services that unite all actors. The workshop outlined the motivating factors behind the activities, future trends and strategic orientations. From a long list of words, the preferred terms were selected and the winner and the new name of the association were voted on.

Thus, the new name of the TPY became Into.

into logon piirtäminen ipadilla

Creating a visual identity

After choosing a new name, the rebranding process continued with the creation of a visual identity. Into’s new name and rebranded brand means the joy of working together, learning new things, encouraging others and being inspired by successes big and small.

A visual identity was designed around this value base, conveying freshness, energy, people-friendliness and learning by doing. The black and yellow brand colours work together to create a strong contrast, while hand-drawn wavy lines and simplified icons are used as graphic elements. The colour yellow also recurs in Into’s imagery. Yellow details appear in the photographs, creating a refreshing effect.

The wavy, multi-strand line reflects both the multiple paths of youth outreach and the diversity of workshop activities. There are many right paths to a particular outcome. The icons are line drawings of different characters and objects that can be used in newsletters, websites, social media posts, invitations, publications and event materials.

Logo design and font selection

Into’s new logo celebrates individuality and a personal handprint. The hand-lettered logo is unique and encourages everyone to be boldly themselves. The fonts were also chosen to reflect the organisation’s vision of being an organisation that takes things forward with an active approach. The strong headline font gives the texts a solid feel, while the lighter body text font is geometric and easy to read.

into logo
into logo
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into käyntikortti
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Marketing materials to support branding

Inspired by the name Into, the core messages describing Into’s activities ask “What do you get excited about?” and encourage “Everyone is inspired by something”. The texts appear in Into’s communication, for example, on the illustrations of social media posts, postcards, event materials and as an illustrative element in various publications.

Joonas, a calligraphy artist from Ampersand, used the phrases to make customized calligraphy that embrace the visual identity of Into’s new logo. The texts were used to create printed postcards, for example, as well as double-sided and reusable signboards to which everyone can add their own answers. The graphic elements repeated in communication and event materials create a consistent brand image for the organisation across different communication channels.

into somepohjat
into rollupit
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Brand guidelines help develop the brand

Finally, we compiled all the materials from the brand renewal project into a single brand guide to help the organisation use and develop its brand. We also produced internal guidelines on how to roll out the brand. This way, everyone within the organisation knows what the new brand is about, how to use it, and how the new brand supports the organisation’s strategy. The visual identity is just one element of the brand refresh, but often the most visible change from the outside. Into’s visual identity has already been put to great use in the organisation’s social media, website and other communication channels.

Everyone gets excited about something – we here at Ampersand got excited about this project!

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