SP Hygiene Innovations Oy

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Packaging and label design

The wide product range of SP Hygiene Innovations Oy deserves a worthy design. In packaging and label design, we take into account the different uses and target groups of the products. We have designed logos that increase product recognition and distinguish them from competitors. Unique design ensures that the products are attractive and creates a visual story. In addition to logos, we have designed packages and labels for various disinfectant cloths, cleaners and aerosol dispensers in the SPHI product range.

Product brochures and other print materials

Our customer needs a variety of product brochures for their diverse product range to increase sales. We have designed a wide range of print materials and advertisements for the company’s hygiene products and laundry chemicals for various publishing channels. We have also designed SPHI event advertising, exhibition materials and websites. Our designs have contributed to the commercial success of the company’s laundry chemicals.