Graphic design tells your story through visual communication. We create an eye-catching overall look for your business or product. We refine creative ideas into stylish implementations, that engage current contacts as well as arouse the curiosity of new customers. Visual design sharpens the company’s core message, from logos to business cards, brochures and website design. In addition to design, we also take care of call for tenders, picking out the right materials and printing.

It’s easy to create your brand identity with us. Ampersand’s graphic design services include logos and branding, advertising and printing, creating and sharpening of corporate identity, customer magazine design and layout, designing merch, e-commerce layouts, packages, taping and signs.

We also create illustrations, infographics, text logos, book and album covers, card designs, magazine illustrations and poster designs.

Price list:

Graphic design 83 e / h

Only hours completed will be charged. Separate price estimates are made for all-day jobs or larger projects. Minimum Invoicing 1 hr. Rates are subject to statutory VAT of 24%.