Increase your company’s visibility among your target audience with good marketing. We make integrated advertising and marketing campaigns, where the company’s visual identity and unique services create a compelling story. We also handle event marketing from logos to prints, e-brochures, invitations, photography, social media marketing and digital campaigns.

We help our customers become more successful. We create professional and distinctive marketing materials and whole marketing campaigns in accordance with the client’s requests and help commercialize services or products with our marketing support services and materials.

In addition to design, our comprehensive marketing services include product and event marketing, print and video, marketing communications, media content and promotional materials for the web, newspapers and events.  We’ll also help you turn your social media channels into a success story.

Price list:

Marketing services are priced separately on a project basis

Only hours completed will be charged. Separate price estimates are made for all-day jobs or larger projects. Minimum Invoicing 1 hr. Rates are subject to statutory VAT of 24%.